Chef Vola’s

This mysterious “it” restaurant in Atlantic City lives up to all of the hype, none of which is self created. In fact, Chef Vola’s shuns the limelight.  Before the internet age, when any piece of information is available at a moments notice, Chef Vola’s didn’t publish their phone number anywhere, and they are proud of it.

The restaruant itself is very small inside. Intimate. So intimate in fact that it feels completly natural to strike up a conversation with the parties seated around you.  Want to know what the person to the left of you is eating that looks so good? Just ask. At Chef Vola it is completely expected.  On one of my visits, I saw two couples who were seated next to each other strike up a conversation during the appetizers and by the time one table was leaving they gave each other hugs and exchanged phone numbers.

If you don’t know exactly where it is, you will probably never find it.  Chef Vola’s occupies the basement of a non-descript house on a small side street.  There is no sign on the house to hint at the spectacular dining taking place just inside the door. Once seated, the friendly staff invites you to make yourself at home and then they promptly recite the specials menu from memory.  There are usually somewhere around 15-20 special on any given night.  Any thing you order will be fantastic. Just be sure to save room for some of their famous cakes and pies. The desert list is nearly as long as the specials list, and even more decadent. The food is pricy, but is is a BYOB which brings the total for a gourmet meal a bit lower.  Bring yourself an outstanding Italian Red such as an Amarone or Brunello to really add an exclamation point to what will surely be one of the most memorable meals of your life.


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