Cafe 2825

Cafe 2825 is another of Atlantic City’s little gems. It is a small, family run restaurant serving some of the finest Italian food around. It stands on Atlantic Avenue, just in the shadow of the Tropicana, with a beautiful stained wood front with a black awning that has the name on it. It is very unassuming, which is one of its lures.

The menu is presented in the traditional Italian dining fashion of separating the pasta dish from the meat, or Primi y Secondi. Cafe 2825’s Northern Italian roots are evident in the amount of fungi in the menu as well as the octopus and tripe dishes. Homemade pasta is a specialty.

Complimenting the fine dining cuisine is the family feel of the restaurant.  Chances are you will get a visit from the owner, who is friendly and seems to genuinely care about your entire experience. Add in a nice wine list and you have a great meal.

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